We are Candice and Katja

Our goal is to help you to accelerate your success and grow your business faster. We are award-winning marketing consultants who decided to spill our consulting secrets!

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Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite

A New York City-based master of media with many years of experience in digital marketing, digital strategy, influencer marketing, social media strategy, content creation, editing, and video production. 

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Katja Presnal

An American Advertising Award-winning marketing strategist, serial entrepreneur, marketing agency owner. She lived semi-nomadic for 20 years, until returning to her home country Finland a few years ago.

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Here are just a few highlights of our fun accomplishments:

  • Have worked with Fortune 100's and gotten small startups off the ground.
  • Won American Advertising Awards.
  • Been headhunted for some of the largest marketing agencies in the world. 
  • Been at the table when multi-million dollar contracts for partnerships were signed.
  • Had the passwords for some of the most recognizable brand social media accounts in the world.
  • Met, interviewed, and oftentimes shared a meal with dozens of celebrities and high-profile business leaders, even with a NASA astronaut.
  • Been featured in magazines like Forbes, New York Times, and Advertising Age.
  • Spoken at conferences around the world as marketing experts.
  • Experienced fully sponsored and paid travel all over the world.

We wrote a book!

Our book Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company is coming out on August 9, 2021. 

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